Lockaby Campgrounds, OREGON
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Camping with the Crew!

Mt Hood Lockaby Campgrounds

I am extra excited to share this camping experience for multiple reasons. First and foremost, this was the first camping trip with Chad and to sweeten the experience it happened to fall on our one year wedding anniversary. What we didn’t know at that time is that we were expecting our first child, our sweet baby Noelle.  To add a cherry on top, we got to experience this trip with a great group of friends (we were missing a few and didn’t want them to feel left out.. don’t mind the photoshoped lovebirds in the background 🙂 ).

So, I will probably be biased towards this campground, but nonetheless it’s a great camping spot.

Lockaby Campgrounds is a very convenient location because it’s a short distance from the Portland Metro Area. The drive is short and beautiful, which makes it easy if you’re coming on a Friday night after work, like we did.

Lockaby Campgrounds sunrise

Our camp spot was right next to the Clackamas River. It was a little to cold for me to go swimming but more power to those that got in or went rafting. I was perfectly happy skipping rocks on the shore and watching others brave it out.

Where’s Waldo? Can you spot Lauren?

Swimming at Lockaby Campground1

Lockaby Campgrounds River View1


The other great thing about this location is that even though it’s close to the city, it’s far enough to not get cell reception. So, be aware and prepare in advance. But, not having cell service was one of my favorite aspects because it forces you to find other things to do (such as skipping rocks) and communicate with actual humans instead of electronic devices. #Imguilty

We made great conversation around the fire while cooking breakfast and everyone contributed to the topic because no one was sitting on their phones.



A short distance away from the camping grounds was a hiking trail. I’ve heard it’s walking distance but we decided to cram into a car and drive up the street. Lauren and I had to ride in the trunk for a little extra adventure.

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It’s not a difficult trail there a few hills and steps but it’s definitely a beginner’s level and manageable for the entire family. The hike is about one and a half miles (one direction) and takes you through the forest wilderness, cliffside next to the Clackamas River. There are gorgeous 360 views and great backdrops for outdoor photo ops.



Lockaby Hiking Trail 2

Lockaby HIking Trail 3

Travel Tip: Don’t forget your water, although it’s a short hike, you still get thirsty.

What’s your favorite camping game?