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Seattle City

Five Musts in Seattle

Seattle is the perfect getaway for Portlanders, whether it’s for a day or a weekend (I’ve done both 🙂 ). It’s an easy three hour drive but make sure you have fun upbeat music for the small road trip. Music makes all the difference. Once you’re in tow it’s time to get excited. Below are the 5 things we do every time we go to Seattle. 1. Pikes Place Whether it’s your first time or every time, Pikes Place is always the first stop. After a three hour drive, the market is the best place to stretch your legs, eat lots of sample snacks and pick up some beautiful fresh flowers. The flowers go real quick so get some while they last. The fresh fruit is not only vibrant in color but it also tasted great. But, the real reason you go to the market is to see a fish being thrown at the fish stand. Unfortunately, I was not able to get a good photo or video because you never know where the fish is …