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London On A Rainy Day

On our first day in London, we got very lucky to┬áreceive┬áthe full English experience. We couldn’t have dreamt it any better than it turned out. Usually on vacation, we hope for beautiful sunny weather without a cloud in the sky. But when in London, rain is part of everyday life. We were excited to experience the UK lifestyle to the fullest. Our first order of business was to go see the Buckingham Palace and the exchange of the guards. But, due to the rain, the exchange of the guards was canceled. We were secretly hoping to see the queen. We would have settled for Princess Catherine or even Prince William, but none of the above happened. So, like all the other tourists we walked around the Palace taking pictures from every angle possible. We were so excited to be there we enjoyed the rain. On the grounds of the Buckingham Palace are beautiful statues and water fountains. The amount of detail that are incorporated is unbelievable and as always pictures don’t do it justice. When …