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Opal Creek

Opal Creek, Oregon, Portland, Hikes, natural pool, waterfalls

We were prepared for a long drive after we did our researched about Opal Creek. So, we decided to blast the music in the car and have some fun with selfies.

Before actually getting to the creek we had to hike through the forest on a trail. As anyone who hikes would know, there are plenty of bugs in the woods. Chad clearly experienced the fun of little creepy crawlies first hand. FYI – he is not a fan of bugs.

Opal Creek, bugs, natural pool, swimming, oregon, portland, summer, hiking, trails, bugs

Along the way, we were messing with the camera to try and figure out the correct setting for the location. Chad was having a blast taking pictures of nothing. The accidental photo’s always turn out the best.

Chads shadow

Chad and I were in a very silly playful mood after a 2 hour drive and decided to take some fun goofy selfies before we took a dip in the natural pool. The important part about taking photos is that you want to make sure that the lighting is perfect before dedicating a lot of time to scenic photos. The best way to do that is to have fun with it and bring out the child in you.

opal creek, natural pool, selfies, portland, oregon, hiking, trails, raod trip, day trip, swimming, summer

The water was shockingly cold, so I tried to quickly get out but was having some balance issues that Chad caught on camera.

Opal creek, swimming, portland, oregon, summer, natural, pool, hiking, trails, road trip, day trip

What Chad didn’t realize is that he wasn’t the only one with the ability to catch candid moments. Busted for sneaking snacks before we set up the picnic.

Opal creek, portland, oregon, hiking, trail, natural pool, snacks, picnic, trail, hiking, road trip, day trip

Travel Tip: Take extra snacks when traveling with men.

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  • Nadia

    Did you get lost going? I hear most pople cant find it..


      No, however we did get stuck in parking traffic. The 3 pool parking lot was full so we had to drive up further and park on the side of the trail. It was all worth it though 🙂