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Hey there, let me introduce myself properly. I am Angelina Boyd.  To most I am Angelina Khrul, as I have recently gotten married to Chaudrey (Chad) Boyd 🙂 . I am a world traveler, blogger, photographer and most importantly a seeker for the next adventure.

Boyd Wedding

I would say that I am an Oregon native, but that would be a lie, as I was born in Belarus and fluently speak Russian. However, I have lived in Oregon most of my life (except a small snippet, plenty of stories from Australia), so I consider myself a true Oregonian. The northwest has so much beauty that is not touched or shared and I am excited to expose why more and more people are moving to Oregon.


My real passion for travel began when I was 17 years old. Right out of high school I worked for a travel agency and one of the perks were the travel deals. I began traveling at 18 years old and have been addicted ever since. I love to share my stories with everyone and anyone that would listed, especially for travel tips and advice (some get to hear the same stories over and over.. poor souls). While on an internship in Australia, a friend suggested a travel blog. I quickly dismissed that thought as I never particularly thought of myself as an articulate writer.  But it has always been in the back of my mind. After several years of pondering the idea, I have decided that now is the time.

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A fun fact of how my travel name originated. In the 8th grade, this innovative new technology came about called AOL Instant Message. All of my friends were on it, but I wasn’t quite sure how to work it yet. An older cousin of mine came over and I convinced him to make an account for me. He asked me what user name I wanted but I had no clue, so I told him to come up with one. He came up with Pchelka19.  Pchelka (пчелка) in Russian means bee. He said that I reminded him of a bee because I had never-ending energy, buzzing all over the place. Pchelka has stuck with me ever since. Ironically, I am allergic to bees and don’t like the taste of honey…go figure.


Thank you for taking part in my journey!